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Welcome to the magical world of the Elf Drive In! Get ready for a fun movie experience like no other. Our free Elf Drive-In set brings the joy of outdoor cinema right to your home. Transform your living room, backyard, into a drive-in theater where your elf and their friends can enjoy movies under the starry night sky.

With our printable, you can create a mini drive-in setting complete with a screen, ticket booth, and even a tiny ticket stand.

Imagine the excitement as your elf sets up their drive-in theater, carefully arranging the tiny cars and preparing the popcorn for their eager audience. They can hop in their elf car and get front row spot to the action. It’s a cute date night for multiple elves or for those with one elf, invite barbie, or spider man along for the night.

So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and let the elf movie magic unfold with our free printable.

Download now and let the enchantment of Elf Drive-In begin! It’s time for your elf to become the star of their very own cinematic masterpiece. Happy elf movie nights!

elves at a drive in movie in their miniature car
What’s Included?
As we love you, and want the best experience for your elf, we have designed a really cool picture screen. Here you will see showcased the introduction of the newest, most exciting elf movie ever! It’s not complete with the title of the movie, so your elves know exactly what movie they are in for.
Now, for the elves who need all the help they can get when driving, a drive-in theatre sign, pointing to the exact direction your elves need to go to.
Last but not least, popcorn, because a movie is not a movie without deliciously popped fresh popcorn. Unlike the insane mark up at your local cinema, these must have elf snack, won’t cost you or your elves a cent!
If you would like to extend the scene, knock off an extra elf night. Have your elves in the longest ticket purchase line ever!. Download our ticket booth printable for an exciting moment of what’s to come.

Elf drive in movie printables, sign, now showing and mini popcorn Elf movie screen printable
Ok you sold me, I need this, how do I get it, What do I do?
Now for the easy part. All you have to do is click the download button below. Your two page printable will download directly on to your computer or device.
Now locate a printer, whether it’s yours, Janice your next door neighbour, your best friend or your head over to your local Officeworks. Now we do recommend using at least 200gsm paper, but if you like to throw caution to the wind, normal paper will do the trick.
Grab yourself a pair of Scissors, unless your hoping your elves do this next step for you.
Cut out the signs a props around the edges. Make sure your wearing your glasses or had some coffee for this one!.
Now What?

The moment you have been waiting for. Set up!!! Now grab your elves, barbie, ken, your mates, who ever is down for the night. Pop them in your elf car and set up your outdoor movie experience. Unless you plan on doing some serious renovations to your home. We suggest using blu-tac to stick your movie props around your home. Unless you plan on using our construction scene after to fix the paint you’ve ripped off from using glue. Whatever you need to do, to cut those 24 days down am I right?

Now that your night is fully organised, you now have time to enjoy your own movie.


elves in a car buying tickets from a ticket booth for a drive in movie
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