Elf Baby Birth Certificate – Pink

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If your elves are ready to expand their elf family and welcome a little bundle of joy into your home, we’ve got the perfect way to make the grand announcement: a baby elf birth certificate! No need to stress over designing a mini certificate on your computer for hours. Instead, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Our specially crafted baby elf birth certificate comes in two delightful colours, and for those elf babies who prefer a touch of pink for their big reveal, we’ve got you covered! It’s the ultimate accessory to proudly declare the arrival of your pint-sized elf cutie. So, skip the computer struggles and let our adorable birth certificate do the talking. Your elf family is about to embark on a whole new level of mischievous adventures, and this certificate is the perfect way to kick-start the festivities!
Some things in life are free

Forget about the exorbitant costs of raising an elf baby; we’ve got something that won’t make your elf-sized wallet cry! Just like the enchanted realm of elves, My Magical Moments is all about spreading joy with free goodies. Brace yourselves, because we’re giving away a fabulous free printable: a baby certificate! And guess what? It won’t cost you a single dime! No need to sell your soul, endure endless telemarketing calls, or wire money to a mysterious foreign prince. Simply click that irresistible download button below, and voila! Your FREE, no strings attached baby certificate will be yours in the blink of an elf’s eye. We believe that magic should be accessible to all, without any fine print or hidden fees. So, go ahead and seize this enchanting opportunity to announce your elf baby’s arrival with style and without breaking the bank. So, Get ready for the most economical dose of elfin delight you’ve ever experienced!

pink baby elf birth certificate printable
What do I do?

Forget the confusion that comes with parenting a baby—when it comes to our baby elf birth certificate, we’ve got you covered with simple instructions!

Just give that download button a gentle press, and watch the magic happen.

Once you have the certificate on your device, it’s time to bring it to life.

Printing it on a sturdy 200gsm (or higher) paper will give it that extra oomph.

Next, grab your trusty scissors and cut along the designated lines like a pro.

Now comes the fun part—filling out the certificate with all the delightful details about your elf baby. Need a weight suggestion? How about a mere 12 grams of sheer adorableness?

Finally, pair that certificate with your My Elf Baby® companion, and voila! You’ve just welcomed a brand-new magical addition into your home. It’s as easy as waving a wand (minus the complicated spells). Get ready for a whole new level of fun with your elf-sized bundle of joy!

Elf Baby announcement. Family of elves holding a elf baby birth certificate
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Elf Baby By My Magical Moments

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