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Are you one of those people, who throw caution to the wind, dive head first and welcome two or more freeloaders into your home at once? Then you are in the right place. This arrival elf letter is exactly what you need to begin welcoming your elves this December.  If you are like me and leave everything to the last minute, or one of those wonderful prepared humans who are making sure that your elf visit is planned to a T. Take advantage of us; we have room for you all elf-loving ( or loathing, no judgment here) peeps. We love elves, and you will too; of course there will be moments you will find yourself cursing that you have to get up and move them, but we promise you, the look of your child’s face when they see their elf is priceless. They create magical memories that carry into adulthood. So hopefully, one day, your child grows up, and have kids of their own, and Grandma or Grandad introduces an elf; it will be that moment your child will genuinely grasp the incredible lengths you went to to make their Christmas more magical.
We are here to support you.
Here at My Magical Moments®, we have designed a welcome letter to introduce your elves to their new home, so you don’t have to. We save you time, so you can spend it on more important things, like planning the other 23 days your elf is here. For those who would like us to take care of you all the way through. We have 24-day packs for that. They include everything your elves will need. Maybe you prefer a bit more freedom or prefer to tailor your elf shenanigans to your own children’s interests. Well, we also have you sorted for that too. You can explore our extensive range of affordable props and accessories.
We aren’t Australia’s largest affordable elf company if we don’t know the wonderful world of elves. As we receive so much support and love from the elf community, which you are lucky to now be a part of. We love to find ways to give back to our elf-loving humans. So we take our magical minutes, you know when you find new ways to procrastinate the time we should have spent doing the housework, and instead, we invest it in designing elf props and printables for you to enjoy for free.
Is this even for me?

If you have become the new slave of two or more magical creatures, who will take credit for all your hard effort, make you clean up after them without so much as a thank you. Then this is the elf arrival letter for you. If you are only ready to start doing this for one elf right, then you, my friend, are in the wrong place. We have the letter you are looking for here.

If you adopted our super cute, standing and bendable elves that are going to change the way you elf, My Elf Friends®, your elf arrival download was sent to you after purchase. If you can’t locate it, check out our free printable section for the letter that works specifically with your elf.

Do I have to do anything to get the printable? Are you going to contact me?

Aside from hitting the download button, you don’t have to do anything else, No strings attached, no fb official, and no getting down on one knee. Zero commitment, completely use our site as you wish. We promise we get no information from you unless you choose to hand over your email on our homepage newsletter link.

You can download your arrival elf letter and print it.
Arrival Printable for Multiple elves - My Magical Moments
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This Elf is compatible with the following branded elves

  • My Elf Friends®
  • Elf On The Shelf®
  • Elves Behavin’ Badly
  • An Elf Christmas Elf

Looking to create an unforgettable elf scene? Pair it with the following props.

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